pic2 About me: Engineer living in North Portland specializing in networking, data services and business technologies.
My rounds around the IT/technology scene have taught me a great deal. I have worked at service providers, public utilities, technology startups, and have independently consulted.
One of the most striking things about technology is the freedom to explore solutions. What may be in style one year will be considered the wrong way to do things not to far in the future. It forces one’s self to constantly improve and explore new methods.
This has been one of my strengths, staying abreast on new technologies, being involved in the tech community, and watching to see what other companies are developing. The saying “necessity is the mother of invention” cannot be more true, when one has a need, an innovative solution is not far behind.

My specialty is Linux/Unix, open systems, Big Data and scale out. I also have publications with RedHat, Juniper, and Puppet Labs.

Currently my Day Job involves solving Big Data problems at a Portland based technology company, which specialized in data warehousing and analytics for regulatory and compliance needs. We have many Petabytes of data, thousands of systems, and a growing infrastructure of automation and orchestration resources.

Being from Portland, I also enjoy the outdoors, my significant other and myself raise chickens, bees, and practice urban farming.
We love traveling the world, absorbing other cultures, but we keeps our roots in the Northwest!


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